Welcome to Our Green Acres

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Welcome to our Green Acres

So it’s been a long time coming but I think things have finally gotten to a point where I can take a moment and write.
This blog is about my, and hubby’s, transition from working full time to finally retiring. From living in a big city and moving to a new state out in the country. From having no time to embrace things we’ve wanted to try to actually doing them. (And some we will do again and others, maybe not so much)
Let’s begin…This was a very intense year for us!
We’ve moved! We came to a cross roads and decided to retire and relocate. Sold the house in CA and moved to the property we bought in Oregon. Then we went back to CA to get Derek’s dad (he’s 88 years old and he’s very, um…well let’s just say it’s like having a 6’2″, 265 lb 3 year old). We got him settled in and slowly began the chore of unpacking 20 years of accumulated items. (I really think it was easier when we moved every 3-5 years prior because you didn’t have time to gather so many belongings) This is, of course, after we tossed out and donated about 1/2 of the stuff. But a 17′ U-Haul truck and 16’ trailer, along with our pick up truck and a another 16′ cargo trailer our items in da house. It’s August 25th…
Derek has to make another trip to S. Cal to pick up one of the motorcycles and I stay to make sure all goes smoothly with his dad, who I might add is taking this all in stride. What we did was rent a motorhome to bring him up here to make the drive more comfortable for him. Had the trip been designed for our comfort it would of had a chauffeur  and a bottle of vodka.
Derek gets home Sept 2nd and we are primed and ready to start working on our stuff! Sept 4th arrives and this is when all hell broke loose…well not really all hell, just my foot. It’s a nice morning so we go out to trim some of the wild blackberry vines that grow. Being a city gal I have none of the proper clothing, I’m wearing my clogs…not the right shoes for anything but a kitchen up here. I step back because a bug flew out at me, I screamed, waved my large cutting shears at the small bug (missed him btw), stepped back into a ditch and next thing I know I am on the ground and in PAIN. Bug – 1, me – 0. My foot bent up and back, well to give a good description flex your foot and toes up…now keep going until your big toe touches your shin. Fun huh? The tendon hyper extended and instead of tearing it pulled and broke the tip my heel off. This put me into a cast for 2 months and not  a walking cast. I couldn’t put any weight on it at all for the first 30 days. Talk about depression settling in. I’m looking at box after box that needs to be unpacked and I can’t even get up out of the chair without Derek’s help and get a glass of water.
I am so glad that event is behind me. Foot still hurts and will for the next year and I’ll probably get arthritis but oh well.
Laura, our one and only daughter,  graduated from SFSU this year with 5 honors 🙂 So very proud of her!!! Two days before we moved to Oregon we took her to LAX where she boarded a plane for Sweden. She will live there for the next 4 years. She is following her dream to live in Europe and study abroad some more (she went to Spain her Junior year of College for the entire year). I sure hope to go over and see her next spring.
So now we have us relocating and our daughter relocating and decide, huh…why not get a trailer and travel? (I have images of Lucile Ball and Desi Arnez in the Long Trailer movie).
We were in Texas this last Nov. to buy a travel trailer. Good lord it was HOT! We had to go to San Antonio to pick it up and then drive it back. We made the mistake…er..choice to drive the back roads to come into Texas. I’m glad we didn’t make that “choice” heading home. We actually were on the Extraterrestrial Highway…being probed by an alien would have been much more entertaining. This is one desolate area!
We arrive home safe and sound to find that everyday in our green acres is a new experience. Like turkeys that attack our truck, a unique pheasant I’ve named Larry that is not very bright, a small group of little deers (not dears) that are determined to get to my garden, flocks of geese and ducks and a critter that huffs at me when I walk near the stream side of the property.
And to top it all off we got adopted by a cat. Not my choice but seems I didn’t get a vote. She arrived late November and is still here, despite our leaving for trips. To date she’s brought us 31 mice (had no idea that many mice were even ON the property), 2 birds and 7 moles. I’m a city gal, I’ve never owned a cat. So having these little prizes brought to me has been an adjustment. She loves to eat the mice, more so if I stand there with her. Moles, she leaves those and of the birds only beaks and feathers remain. It’s my own personal CSI show. We’ve named her Ranch Kitty.
There you have it. My introduction to country, rural life. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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