Arts and Crafts Day…

I remember as a child being so excited about the days at school when we were going to do arts and crafts.

Finger painting with all the primary colors (and which probably contained lead), gluing all those popsicle sticks together in shapes of buildings, and who can forget the “was it an ashtray, pencil holder, weak pumping heart made of clay” figurine?

Well I decided that since I have more time I’d channel my inner child and begin my own arts and crafts. I remember as a kid we didn’t care if we got dirty, or even ate the glue in which we formed our creations. Now we carefully gather all our items, lay down the all powerful newspaper to protect our tables and don the apron to keep our clothes tidy.

So lets gather our items – Here we have old mayonnaise jars, Mod Podge, water, food coloring and a small paint brush. Before I forget, go over and turn your oven on to about 200-225. If you have one of those fancy convection ovens be sure to turn the convection fan off. Now where were we…oh the items.

Items needed

The mixture I used here was 4 tablespoons of Mod Podge, 1 1/2 tablespoons of water and 15-20 drops of standard green food coloring.

Mod Podge

Mix the Mod Podge, water and food coloring together in a paper bowl or glass bowl.

Colored Mod Podge

Be sure to mix it very well to get even coloring.

Coat the jars

Once it’s all mixed up pour the entire contents into a jar. Slowly turn the jar to get it all even coated. Then very slowly pour the contents into the next jar and slowly turn the jar to get the entire rim. Let it drain for a bit to get as much excess as you can out. This mixture will do 4 large jars and it’s easy to work with.

Bake Upside Down

Put the jars upside down onto a cookie sheet covered with either wax paper or parchment paper. Double it up because it will soak through. But again clean up is pretty easy as it’s all water soluble. Let them bake about 5-7 minutes then flip them over.

Turn them over.

You can remove the cookie sheet and let the jars continue to bake right on the rack. (Do excuse my pizza stone, I leave it in my oven all the time as it gets quite a work out with pizza’s and hearth breads…but more on that for another post) Let them continue to bake for another 30 minutes.


Your jars will come out all shiny and translucent. Here are my green jars and a couple of light blue jars I did earlier. If you want lighter colors use less food coloring. For extremely bold, use more. It’s all up to you.

Finished Touches

Now you can use them for all sorts of things. Here I just added some twine and silk flowers. The small blue jar will hold q-tips for my guest bathroom. You can put tea candles in them for great patio lighting for bbq’s. Just remember not to fill them water or you’ll undo all your work.

Well that’s it for now.  Lets see where my next inspiration takes me.


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