We’ve been adopted!

Odd but true. Seems we are just to lovable. A few months back a white cat was seen lurking out by the barn. I called to her using the standard cat lingo known to all “Kitty…Kitty” For those that don’t speak the cat language it’s Kit-ty [kit-ee] with emphasis on the ee. Spoken in a high pitch this sound will usually invoke a reaction. Ears up head turned “I’m interested…” look or the “STRANGER DANGER” and run away. I got her interest. Not because I wanted a cat, no no I am very allergic. I was just curious if she’d react.

She came trotting towards us, but not too close. Then she slinked off. Next day she was back and much closer.

Day 3 had her on the front porch talking up a storm with Derek. (He must be very fluent)

I told him we’ll give her water but no food. We didn’t want a pet. We’re retired and want to travel and go camping. I have no neighbors near me to check on this cat. So water only for the next 3 days. She slept on the doormat. And since we didn’t feed her, she took it upon herself to feed us, or as I like to call it “Here, this little CSI crime scene is for you!”

Did you know a cat can eat a huge mouse in about 20-30 seconds?! I do now! Did you know mice are very crunchy? I do now!

To date we have been given 32 mice, 2 birds and 7 moles. She won’t eat the moles, I guess they are only for playing with.

Oh and we’ve named her Ranch Kitty…but we don’t own a cat 😉

Ranch Kitty


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