Oldest Cookbook Found

Oldest Cookbook Found

Well here I was thinking some of my recipes were dated. I cannot imagine the joy at discovering something of this magnitude. My fingers just itch at the thought of touching the pages. And once the literal translation was complete, to do the research to translate it further so we could put it to everyday format. Wow.

I was fortunate to come across some of my husband’s grandmother recipes, (she passed away 3 months shy of her 104 birthday) and one of them called for an “egg of lard”. I found that so quaint.


2 thoughts on “Oldest Cookbook Found

  1. Welcome back! Look for Stephane on My French Heaven. He is a Frenchman who runs a B&B. fantastic photography. Loves his wine. You two will get along like a house on fire. Love seeing you doing your thing. 😀

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