The Tally of CSI Crime Scenes Continues…

Well for those playing along and keeping score we have a new critter to add to our tally. (I’d like to reiterate I don’t have a cat…she just lives here. Ok and sleeps and sometimes we feed her..ok ok we feed her everyday sheesh) Ranch Kitty’s tally thus far since Nov. 28th 2012 – 38 mice, 12 moles of assorted sizes, 3 birds and now we can add 1 squirrel. She just brought it to me and I think she slept with it in her house as it was cold and dead and she had just eaten the head. Must be a delicacy. For those with queasy stomaches stop reading….now.

You know you live in the country with ‘Ranch cat’ when you go to strap on your mud boots that you leave on the front porch and next to them are 2 regurgitated bowels. Heads and brains – Yummy! Bowels…not so much.


2 thoughts on “The Tally of CSI Crime Scenes Continues…

    • Lol!! My daughter said the same thing and I did take a couple of pictures in the beginning but figured it’d be too gruesome. I still have a picture of the very first mouse she brought us. Hahaha like a proud mom..oh look her first mouse.

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