A Symphony of Nature

When I lived in Southern California going for a daily walk was a chore. It still is a bit, as I don’t enjoy exercise.

But since walking up here I’ve had 2 major changes and not the ones you may think.

First off I no longer walk with an electronic device plugged into my ears. In S. CA it was a must. Between the noise of traffic, sirens, lawn mowers and blowers a walk without something plugged into you head to block out the noise is a major chore. You can’t even think straight and forget about getting fresh air.

And second I can actually hear myself think.

I always thought that was part of the reason for walking, other than obvious one of getting some exercise, was to get out get some fresh air and clear your mind.

Now I can, but to such a symphony of sound, rather than noise. Let’s go for a walk shall we…

South side of the reservoir

South side of the reservoir

As I leave my house the sparrows are chirping, a few larks are flitting about letting me know I’m in their territory with their kissing sounds. A mechanical ‘bark’ is heard. No worries it’s just a pheasant. Let’s head west towards the reservoir. Now we have the Red-winged Blackbird, sentry of the marsh  announcing its territory to all present with its oak-a-tee song. The ‘wind instruments’ are increasing in crescendo as now we hear the ducks both mallard and ring necks along with the Canadian geese calling to each other to check in. A whooping sound begins as a loon begins his song. Keep listening and you’ll hear the screech of a hawk above you or perhaps an osprey. Far across the reservoir the egrets with their guttural squawks are heard.

You would think this is enough, but not only are the birds singing, but so are the frogs. Some with their mellow croaks and a few that sound like a dog barking. Now tune out the wind instruments, do you hear the string section. It’s there, below you. The crickets are chirping because it’s so warm. Along with the raspy cicadas.

But don’t worry we have the percussion group of wood peckers pecking away at the trees and the sap suckers looking for a meal. The stink bugs and black beetles are there with their incessant tapping.

In walking a little over 3 miles I have listen to the most natural musical symphony I could ask for.

Take a chance and discover new places. I did and found a beautiful forest road.

Walking Trail

So next time you go for your walk, stop and listen to natures symphony. If you can’t hear it, ride your bike or even drive to it. It’s well worth the fresh air and being able to hear your own thoughts.


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