Taking the time…

So often we are in a hurry, we work, have kids, social calendars you name it. Then right in the middle of all this chaos our phone blips, ipads gurgle or an email dings you to remind you that someone’s birthday or anniversary is moments away.

It is at this point that the panic starts. Omg I cannot believe I forgot all about that, what do I get, where do I go? I’m the biggest procrastinator I know. Lately, however, I have taken the time to set my reminders for 2 weeks and 1 week before said event. This has helped me tremendously considering the fact that I now live in a rural area which makes running to stores obsolete.

But then the most marvelous thing happened. In the midst of planning for trips, going to S. Cal to visit my family, returning home to get ready for my family to come up and see our house for the first time, we get a package in the mail. It’s from Derek’s Aunt Linda. She picked colors, went and bought the yarn and then took the time to make us a beautiful afghan for the lap.

I wish you could feel how soft this is!

I wish you could feel how soft this is!

She had no idea our color scheme, but picked colors she felt were Oregonian.

This reminded me of how fast our lives are that we quickly just buy something for someone because we feel obligated to do so, often times not even taking the time to really think about what it is we are buying.

I wish I had the talent to make gifts. All I can do is cook, but that’s very hard to do for folks far away. FedEx is good, but I don’t think that good.

So my goal is to make what I can for people. Like my Blackberry BBQ Sauce, or Limoncello (which I will start this fall), traditional BBQ sauce and maybe some spice blends. For those that know my love of food, will know that when I make something for them it’s because I love them more.

Thank you Linda for loving us and taking the time πŸ™‚


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