It’s Blackberry Season!!

I don’t think you fully grasp what I’m saying here…Blackberries, oh small little berries that are sweet and bursting with flavor how I love you.

So with the season officially upon us it’s time to embrace all the berries have to offer, which is a lot! What’s the first thing I made, why a martini of course!

After a couple of hours of walking around our property I was able to gather about 12 cups of berries. Granted I won’t use all them in the martini. Why that would just be silly, gotta leave room for the vodka!

What you will need to make this luscious concoction is about 2 cups.

2 cups of love

2 cups of love

Let’s get a close up shall we? Are they not just gorgeous?!

Close up of the goodness

Close up of the goodness

Next you will need to puree them with a bit of sugar about a tablespoon.

Into the food processor

Into the food processor

Ok I admit it..what you saw measured in the pyrex cup did not all make it here. There was a causality of about 5.

Blend them up really well so you’ll get maximum juice.

It will be thick almost like a syrup

It will be thick almost like a syrup

And strain them by pressing a spoon or spatula over the pulp. This will speed up the process of getting the syrup and remove the seeds which not pleasant in a martini. Use a metal strainer. I don’t recommend cheese cloth as it will absorb a lot of juice, and you worked too hard picking berries to have it end up in cheese cloth!

Strain it to remove seeds.

Strain it to remove seeds.

Put all the ingredients (listed below) into a shaker and you will be rewarded with this –

Liquid refreshment is served

Liquid refreshment is served

Oh yes! I see you licking your lips. It really is that good. I think I could really begin to enjoy summertime.

Ingredients –

Serves 4

1 cup vodka
1 ounce triple sec
1 ounce of berry syrup
1 ounce fresh lemon juice
1 ounce simple syrup (equal portions of water and sugar – heat a bit to dissolve)
Fresh berries for garnish

Rim side of martini glasses with lemon juice and roll in bakers sugar (white sugar that is more fine than table sugar. But if that’s all you have go for it!) Put glasses in freezer while you mix up the ingredients.

Fill a shaker with ice and add all the ingredients and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Strain into glasses and garnish with berries.


4 thoughts on “It’s Blackberry Season!!

  1. I am considering making blackberry wine or liqueur and maybe a bottle of blackberry vinegar. They are such precious gems!

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