Coming out of gate # 1 – The Sutherlin Rodeo!

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Sutherlin Rodeo. What a fun night!

I must give props to the City for putting on this rodeo and providing entry for free if you brought a canned good. So not only do we get to help restock the food bank, but then we get some great entertainment. Just think, you take a .89 cent can of green beans and while you get to see come exciting action, your .89 cent donation went so much further. So on to the rodeo! I was amazed for such a small town how many people were in attendance. All the bleachers were packed and it was standing room only. What a fun experience.

The Flag team rides in, and while we had to stand because we arrived late, still had a great view. While I am not familiar with all the various breeds and techniques, I still want to go again. Being so close the railing it was very impressive to see strength of these animals.

Flag Team

Flag Team

One thing that made me proud was before the announcer had to ask, everyone started getting to their feet and the men removed their hats when the rider carrying the American Flag rode in and the Star Spangled Banner was sung loud and proud.

All Rise!

All Rise!

Let the games begin!! First up – Ewe Riding. These young kids have got cuts. The youngest little gal was 3 years old and landed on her face. But she was a trooper!

She's up!

She’s up!

Nope she's down.

Nope she’s down.

Overall I think the winners were the sheep. They just popped all the riders off and gathered in the middle of the ring for a pow-wow.

And the lambs win!

There were some beautiful horses and serious speed. I’ve heard the term thundering hooves but never experienced until this rodeo. 


Calf Roping


And the most gorgeous horse of the night? This one. The golden color just rippled across this horse.

Such a beauty and look at the muscles.

Such a beauty and look at the muscles.

I must encourage all of you to go to a rodeo. Many are held during fairs and those are going on all over the place right now.

Besides it’s a great excuse to eat food on a stick!


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