It’s a bird and what a very special bird it was!

As most of you know by now I am a city woman who is now a country gal. Living in S. Calif my idea of wildlife was the opossums you’d see ‘napping’ on the side of the road or a stray dog. Occasionally you’d hear or see a coyote and my folks often get a view of a bobcat in their backyard. But for the most part nothing too exciting.

Then I moved to Oregon and man is there a lot of wildlife here. One of the most impressive things I love to watch is the Red-tailed Hawk that lives in one of my giant douglas fir trees and a kestrel that is living on my neighbors property.

But then I saw it…the bird of all birds. She was flying low trying to scare mice out of their bolt holes. Her wing span was about 5 feet. I knew she was special because of her all white feathers. This ladies and gentleman was an albino hawk!! And it was living on my land. I ran to my computer to see what the odds of this could be. Then I was thinking who do I call? Audubon Society? The OSU Bird program…the newspapers?!?! People are going to want to know about this!

Wait…what? Google is saying this is Osprey. It lives near a body of water, yep I live near a large reservoir, it eats fish, plenty of that here along with crawfish and is known to hunt land mammals and sure a lot of those nearby. Well am I sure glad I didn’t starting making all those calls. Hahaha and I am so grateful for Google!

Osprey - Image Courtesy Oregon Dept Fish and Wildlife.

Osprey – Image Courtesy Oregon Dept Fish and Wildlife.


One thought on “It’s a bird and what a very special bird it was!

  1. Ospreys are wonderful to watch. We had one living in a huge pine tree in our yard in Issaquah, WA many years ago and it was spectacular how he/she would just soar into the middle of the tree while almost in slow motion pull in her/his wings. Have fun watching for yours!

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