A time to plant a time to reap…

Ok so it’s a little early for planting and reaping, but  it’s not too early to start planning. As this year will be a new experience for me, what with taking my Master Gardener’s course and growing much of my veggies in a greenhouse this year, I also plan on taking it a step farther and making sure my seeds and/or seedlings are all GMO free and Heirloom.

Here is a great link for those who would also like to grow only the best veggies. It is alphabetized by state – Heirloom seed providers.

Did you know you should plant your fall garlic during a specific moon cycle? I sure didn’t.

Contact your local Master Gardener offices for information in your areas. They have a plethora of information about new pests/control, upcoming events like plant sales to help get you started and wonderful staff members to help with all your questions.

Thanks to the Douglas County Master Gardeners for helping me with so many of my questions. The extension program is a wonderful community to be a part of!


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