Don’t feed the birds!

So I read a post today that the with the inclement weather the birds are having a difficult time finding food and water.  I love how everyone has rallied to put food out and water, taking care to ensure it doesn’t freeze over.

I wish I had heeded my own comments, which were, “I cannot put out bird food as it would be like putting out a vending machine for my husbands cat. (We don’t own a cat)”

However, I caved. I saw the little birds, a family I think. Small, cute, looks like miniature robins. A male and 2 females. So I waited until I knew Ranch Cat was asleep in the garage and then I put out a small smattering of seeds.

Judge – So you willingly put out seeds knowing full well the killer was in the vicinity.
Me – Yes your honor. But in my defense…
Judge – Quiet…you do understand the killing instinct of your cat yes?
Me – Um, well your honor it’s my husbands cat. I don’t own a cat. And, yes, I know they love to chase and pounce on things.
Judge – You are GUILTY of murder!

He’s right, I am, and so much more…

In the time I fed these little birds (a time period of 2 days) the following has occurred.

1 – Ranch Cat brought one bird into the garage and left it at the back porch. Small bites had been taken but the bird was not consumed. Feathers all over the the steps.
2 – Ranch Cat brought in yet another bird to the garage, this time she consumed it and a LOT of feathers were left on the back steps that made their way in to the house.
3 – Ranch Cat brought in a third bird that got away, within the garage (still to be located). It hopped/flew around until it got behind a large shelving unit.
4 – Ranch Cat then went out and willfully caught and brought in a mouse to the garage. In the process of displaying her newest find, Ranch Cat while playing with said mouse heard the 3rd bird begin to make noise. She then stopped playing with her new toy and went to investigate her old toy. Said mouse, realizing his good fortune made his get away.

Not wanting our garage to become mouse country safari, hubby captured the mouse and took him outside and release him. This is where it all went down hill.

He tossed the mouse back near where Ranch Cat found him. But the mouse, now in shock from being caught by a cat, then by a human and unceremoniously tossed into the snow went into shock. He just laid there in the snow, breathing hard and then slower. I couldn’t stand it. So I picked him up by his tail and put him on the mound of dirt I believed to be his home. There is the defining moment when you know you have to do the right thing, and I did it. “Kitty Kitty!! Din-Din!” She comes running with a confused look of “I know it’s close to dinner time but you never feed me out here. Yet you never lie when you yell Din-Din you always have food.” And she came a running. She bounded once again across the snow and it was there I guided her to the mouse. She pounced and ran off with him. She stopped on the back patio and ate her prize.

You know it’s ranch living when you feed a live mouse to your (husband’s) cat. By the way, the third bird is still somewhere in our garage….the hunt continues.


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