SShhh it’s a Secret do not tell anyone…but your closest 100 FB Friends.

So many restaurants and some have secret menu’s. If you weren’t happy with what they display on their shiny billboards or slick menu’s you have options!

For example – In and Out Burgers. I adore these burgers and stop at one anytime I head down to California. We’re all familiar with the Double Double and Animal Fries but there is so much more! Here is a link for you see all the different ways you can order burgers, non-burgers, fries condiments you name it! Secret Menu

Being an Oregonian I must learn to embrace the coffee experience. Up here when I tell folks I have but one cup of coffee in the morning, and water the rest of the day, they look at me like I’m purple. Seems Starbucks has a very secret menu too. Secret Menu

Smoothies are one of my favorite snacks (makes a mental note to add a blender to my wish list). So when in town I hit Jamba Juice. They have a whole slew of flavors not on their menu billboard. Secret Menu

My daughter turned me on to Chipotle. I love their rice. Their burrito’s are massive and no way can I eat a whole one. So if I’m gonna go for it and leftovers of all leftovers I’m gonna go BIG. And what’s bigger than a Burritodilla! Secret Menu

I was amazed at how many places have secret menu’s. So before you head out to your favorite establishment to order the same ol’ thing, you might want to check if they have something yummy on a secret menu.


2 thoughts on “SShhh it’s a Secret do not tell anyone…but your closest 100 FB Friends.

  1. Not a coffee drinker (well, at home, but I’ve never bought a Starbucks…); love making smoothies. And the best idea in your list (and I’m so glad to know about it) adding mustard to the 2nd side of a pattie – I always slather mustard on my burger. Thanks Denise!!

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