Water is a commodity…don’t just pour it down the drain.

I do believe we are going into yet another drought situation and this may be one of the worst ones yet. If everyone just did a couple of things, massive amounts of water could be saved! I am amazed at how much water is wasted. Pick up a broom instead of hosing things down, if you drop an ice cube, don’t toss it in the sink put it in a house plant. Most families are wasting over 200+ gallons a DAY! Folks water is a commodity. I do believe the only way to stop wasteful use is to  give families a certain allotment for need and anything over that charge double or triple. Otherwise people will still just flush it down the drain.

Conserving is a lot easier than you think! And the added benefit is money in your pocket. Click the water picture below and please start saving right away.

Precious Commodity

Precious Commodity


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