She’s Home!!

What a fantastic 4 days! Our baby girl got to come home and what a joy that was.

So the back story is, long ago in 1989 Derek and I…fast forward to November and it’s a girl! And what a beautiful and smart girl she was and still is. We decided to raise her to be strong, independent, compassionate and we kick ourselves everyday because of it. (I am joking of course…or at least some).

When it came time for college she moved to San Francisco, 590 miles away! AWAY! We thought our hearts would break. But, they didn’t and lucky for us we got see her 4 times a year so it was great. The third year of college she decides to study abroad, in Spain. This time she’s over 5,800 miles AWAY! I’m sensing something, but not sure yet… She meets a young man and falls in love. She comes home a year later and finishes up her studies and graduates with honors galore and is still in love with Joakim. Guess what?!?! No she didn’t get married, or bring a bambino home. She decides to study for her Master’s Degree. Awesome yes? Yes…but she goes away. To Sweden! (stupid boys – sorry Joakim I do adore you) So for the next 4 years our baby girl will be working, studying and living in Sweden. The good news is she’s 800 miles closer than when she was in Spain.

But last week she and Joakim came back to the states for a whirlwind trip. They stayed with my folks for a week so she could see her family and friends down in California. Then went to San Francisco to see friends there and drove up to Oregon to finally see where we moved to. So we took them around all over and showed them a small slice of our neck of the woods. Below are just a few pictures we all took. Click an image to make it bigger and read the description. Those of you with lives, carry on.

#McMenamins #Oregon #Beer


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