Happy Anniversary to my Wonderful Parents!

So on March 1, 1958 two of the most awesome folks I know decided that they simply must spend their lives together. I am so grateful to have the parents I do. 56 years of marriage and they still inspire me. They are what it means to be married to each other for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, listening to bad jokes, burnt food, laughing till your face hurts, working hard to create a life worth celebrating each and every day. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Robert and LaVonne Leeton

Robert and LaVonne Leeton


Trees and Seeds

Taking the Master Gardener’s course has really opened my eyes to so many different things. I am amazed at what I have learned, and saddened by what I know I have forgotten. (But thank goodness I have the text book(s). )

Today was all about trees and seed harvesting. I am so encouraged now, that I know this fall there will be new trees on the Ranch. And knowing about how to harvest my own seeds, well now I can grow what I want, from the stock I want and be guaranteed good production. Not to mention saving money in using my own seeds.

If my crop comes in good, I think I will try and put together a seed library and donate them to the schools, community centers and senior homes. This is such an exciting time.

I encourage all of you to get out in your yards, balconies, porches, ranches and farms and grow! It’s time for rich tomatoes, spicy peppers, buttery squashes, sweet carrots and fresh green beans.

Tip of Day…for this Fall –

Don’t forget your cover crops this winter to help feed nitrogen back into your soil. Check your local extension office for what cover crops are best for you. This can save you a lot of work prepping the soil come spring for your new plants!

Master Gardening – Always an Education

So I am now one month into my training towards becoming a Master Gardener. This is such an intense course of classes, labs and getting your hands dirty.

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to help pay back some of my volunteer hours by helping to clean up after a rather large Douglas fir tree was cut down. I wish I had a picture of my pants and shirt after this. Folks trees are beautiful, they even smell lovely, but they are filthy!! From picking up branches and hauling them to the chipper I was covered in dirt.

Here I am with a couple of classmates Kish Doyle and Rachelle (do not remember her last name). Yeah that’s a sledge hammer I’m wielding…but no I did not use it. I really don’t know why I’m holding it. Or why it looks like Rachelle is kicking me in the crotch. But a lot was going on that day…

Garden Gals

Garden Gals

Here’s a few pictures of the event –

Then on Monday I started my volunteer payback in earnest. It began with me working in the greenhouses transplanting various plants for 3 hours. You’d think it’d be tedious, but it was fun. I enjoyed listening to the veteran MG’s talk about the big plant sale in May, they have jokes they share and a camaraderie that comes from years of serving the community together. After getting my hands dirty I then headed over to the main office where I worked for 4.5 hours in the plant clinic. Here we field calls of all types. Today I took calls on a man who’s peach trees are suffering from Peach Curl and how to combat it. A woman with lots of Yellow Star Thistle in her yard, another man came into the office needing a soil sample done. More calls, voice mails and emails had to be addressed and BAM 4.5 hours was gone in the blink of an eye! I shudder to think of what it’s like to work the clinic when things really get hopping. But I cannot wait.

I can see that I will have great pride working with these individuals and for this organization. There is just something meaningful when you give back to the community that serves you.