It’s Not Ok!

Earlier today I received a phone call from someone. I will not mention who to protect their privacy. Suffice it to say it made my blood boil. They were verbally assaulted by men, who should know better, with words and gestures that are not acceptable.

It’s Not Ok –

It’s not ok for you to yell at me
It’s not ok for you to whistle at me.
It’s not ok for you to use vulgar terms when I ignore you.
It’s not ok for you to make rude gestures of what you think I want you to do me.

I am NOT your play thing.
I am NOT a piece of meat to rut your animal instincts upon.
I am NOT a trashy whore who deserves your filthy words.
I am NOT weak.

I AM a woman!
I AM a human being with feelings you can never imagine.
I AM more powerful than you will ever be.
I AM something you will never attain, because I am, and always will be better than you.

You will never own me.
You will never control me.
You will never have a true love or trust.
You will never be good enough for anything other than the garbage you are.

I will no longer hear your words.
I will no longer feel degraded, hurt and worthless.
I will no longer allow you to control my mind.
I will no longer hide behind extra layers of clothes to hide who I am.

Verbal abuse is abuse. A hand does not have to be raised. Words can inflict wounds as deep, if not deeper than physical wounds. If you see men making cat calls, and verbally assaulting a woman stand up for her! Just because she doesn’t quip back doesn’t mean she likes it. Fear of retribution stops her.

We make big statements about stopping the bullying of school kids. But every day women are just as bullied and terrorized. It’s time we said ENOUGH!

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