To be a Mother

What it means to be a mother.

It means always putting someone else before yourself because it’s a joy to do it.

It means your heart will always be filled with such a powerful emotion you can never explain.

It means making the hard decisions even though you may hear the words “I hate you”, but you love them more.

It means bottling up the terror when they don’t come home on time, and being flooded with relief when they do.

It means being at a loss for words when your pride over their accomplishments leaves you speechless.

It means being brave when you must step in to protect them.

It means even though you are not trained in education, you will be the best teacher they ever had.

It means long nights sitting up, to comfort and dispatch the bad dreams and fend off the boogie man.

It means giving so much, but understanding not all will be taken.

It means being prepared to say goodbye when they must go out on their own.

It means…It’s the best job in the world. And I am so lucky to have a wonderful mom that instilled these qualities in me.

Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you so!


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