Playing Leap Frog

I have really enjoyed growing my garden this year. It’s not perfect, I still struggle with issues like weather and seasons, neither of which I had much in S. Calif.

Right now I have 9 beautiful heads of lettuce. I decided to make a fresh summer salad for dinner so went out with my pairing knife and selected one of the heads and picked a few green onions. Back inside I filled the sink with cold water to rinse the veggies and BOING! BOING! BOING! Not one but 3 small frogs are now leaping their way over my kitchen counter. One is on the window ledge, another is plastered to the side of my espresso machine. (Now for those wondering, no I do not have a fear of frogs, I do have a problem with them hopping all over my kitchen)

Here’s the scene – after my initial shock of having these (btw they are tree frogs) leaping up out of my sink in a silly game of leap frog I realized I had to capture them quickly.

Tree Frog

Tree Frog

It’s probably a lot like having 3 small kids, the minute you focus on one the other two are going to get into something. In this case my dinner preparations. So I grab the one on the window sill, he hops out of my hand and onto the side of cupboard. These guys can move! Finally I wrangle him, being careful not to squish him. But I can’t just toss him outside, two reasons.
1 – I have a very large cement patio and that would just be cruel and painful to do to the little guy. They’re beneficial critters.
2 – I cannot leave the other 2 alone or I’ll never find them.

Solution – grab a coffee mug and place Sherm inside to wait for his buddies. Huh..they were right here…

Nothing is more fun than a great game of hide and seek in the kitchen with your opponents being about an inch long, able to climb walls and hang upside down.  Now while I don’t have a fear of frogs, I do have a horrible fear of the garbage disposal. I cannot put my hand in there, I can’t! And I have this horrible thought that one of them is in here. BOING! While contemplating my impending doom one of the other frogs has decided to make a leap on me as if to say TAG you’re it! That’s it Ricky you’re going in time out with Sherm. Now where is Octavia. Yes it’s a female, she’s more of a brownish color whereas Sherm and Ricky are a brilliant and bright green.

Oh thank goodness!! She’s not in the garbage disposal. She’s just hanging out on the cutting board. She, and her two cohorts are now heading back out to the garden. And I shall go disinfect my kitchen.

So remember folks, not only do you want to wash your fruits and veggies before you eat them, you also need to check for critters before you bring them in the house.

My Friend, My Champion, My Dad

My Dad,

For all my life he worked for the SB Sheriff Dept. So he knew what the boogie man was. I was hovered over, watched like a hawk, not trusted as some of my friends were trusted by their parents, because lets face it kids screw up or get ‘involved’ with things.

But I look at differently. I was loved and protected. I was taught, with great pride today, what honor and integrity is. And when I did screw up, I learned from it. He helped make me a better person.

My dad didn’t always get the best shifts and more often than not would be called out on duty at some inopportune times. See, he had to deal with the dredges of society and their victims. Not a pretty job. I can tell you, that as a child, he never let it affect his home life. He grilled on Saturdays, swam in the pool with us and made the best whirl pools EVER! He loved my mom and they were/are a united front. I learned early on ‘parent shopping’ was not going to work.

I loved hanging out with my dad and would often follow him out to the garage to see what he was working on and if I could help. I’m sure he went to the garage to get away from the 3 females dominating the house with clothes, dolls, soap operas and phone chatter. If dad was going to the dump so would I. It’s funny, I still enjoy going and no clue why. Maybe because it brings back a memory of good times.

My dad taught me to fish. To this day I have only caught 2 fish in my life. But the times at Jinx lake were fun.

He amazed me at how he knew how to do things! Seriously there was no Google or DIY home improvement stores when I was a kid. But there he was building a deck for the pool, or converting the screen patio to a full on family room. He has never been a slacker. If there was work to be done, he did it and still does!

My dad was always looking out for my best interest, even though I didn’t need it. I knew everything! Right? Of course I didn’t know one of the guys I was dating in high school had been arrested for possession of cocaine. Ok ok, so dump that guy right quick! My dad never did anything out of anger it was always out of love for his daughters. Thank you Dad. He got me my first job, taught me how to right a resume, how to punch, and gave me my first beer at the age of 16 (all 4 oz of it – one of those little bitty Coors cans haha…ah good times…err time)

He is my hero, my champion, my friend, my supporter and the BEST Dad ever! I do not know why I was so lucky to get this man for my father but I thank my lucky stars I did. Happy Father’s Day Dad!