Ripen on the Vine or the Table!

For those who have lots of tomatoes, but the heat that is not letting them ripen, or they are splitting, here is some excellent advice! This works!

Debbie's Back Porch

If you asked most home gardeners why they started gardening, they will tell you, for a good tomato.

Truth is, you just about cannot buy a good tomato, unless you have a good farmers’ market close by.  Many people believe that is because a tomato must be vine ripened to have that home grown taste.  Not so, my gardening friends.  Grocery store tomatoes taste like liquid cardboard because they were bred for appearance, not flavor.  Commercial growers supply what they can sell, and most people won’t buy an irregularly shaped tomato, with streaks of color and thin fragile skin.  You know, like the ones we tomato snobs demand.

So, you plant some tomato seedlings with great hope and expectation.  They grow and get beautiful as Spring turns into Summer. Your first green tomatoes appear and every morning you go outside and check for growth, counting the days for that first…

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