I am so very fortunate. I know that some out there do read my blog, for whatever reason. Perhaps a random search that pointed them my way, or a friend of friend who’s curious. Either way I’m grateful. Not because they read it, that’s GREAT, but because I’ve reached some more than others. I won’t mention names but I had one the most fun conversations with a woman who contacted me about my old stove. She had recently purchased one similar and had questions. Then there was the man who contacted me about becoming a Master Gardener, we’ve exchanged several emails. And yet another couple who wanted to get a greenhouse and we also ended up chatting for about 45 minutes. It made me feel happy to know that, maybe, in small way I helped them.

It became a day of reflection for me.  Then I saw a video of people doing acts of kindness towards others, like stopping their car in the middle of the street to help an elderly woman cross, or a lone man pushing his car thru the snow only to have 3 people stop, jump out of their cars in the cold to help, and a woman who just sat down with and elderly man in the park and took his hand, it made me sad. I cried…no I wept.

I was even more sad when I realized why the tears streamed down my face. It was not only because I watched something that touch the heart, but more importantly because I was watching some rare…wait rare? Yes rare! In our fast paced world today of tweets, blogs, Facebook and all the social media we have our faces buried in technology. We would rather not miss the all important text of WYA and BRT, than to look up and perhaps see someone who needs our aid. Whether to cross the street, or help load groceries into the car or just smile at them and tell them they look nice.

While I am all for bringing awareness to specific needs like cancer and ALS, it saddens me when I see people making more of themselves dumping ice water on their heads than the reason they are doing it. Now it’s more about them making their video’s getting all the ‘likes’ and attention on themselves rather than the reason. Narcissism at it’s finest.

I reflected more…then smiled. I, too, am guilty of ‘being in a hurry.’ But for the last few weeks I’ve made more of an effort to be there for my fellow humans. Be there for them, not for my FB page.

And with that I leave you with this challenge – what will you do now?



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