Old Friends

The other day I thought of someone. That thought stayed with me. How were they? How was their family? When was the last time I talked to them? Why did we lose touch?

I did not like any of these questions. They were questions I should not be asking. I should know, but I didn’t. It made me sad to think that this person was no longer in my life. So me and Google went to work! I rolled up my sleeves, cracked my knuckles and began my search.

Hours passed, I was frustrated. The “Yellow Pages” and “White Pages” on the net all charge you for information that is free in a phone book. Which is a huge pet peeve that these giant tree killers are still being manufactured. But we have to have them because the online version is not free. But that didn’t help me now as I no longer lived in the area where I believed him to be.

I’m sorry I digress.

And then my search displayed a web page. Checking the information yes yes….it was his page! I hit the “Contact Us” link and typed in a basic question, “Paul…you still around?” and waited.

My joy was when I checked my email, which unfortunately got filtered to my spam folder, and saw “Oh hell ya!”

I cannot explain my relationship to Paul. But he is someone I hold very dear in my heart. To look at him you’d just see his gruff exterior. You might frown at his tattoos (Of note he did take me to be my first one). He laughs loud and with such joy you simply must laugh with him or your life will feel empty if you do not. I once had someone comment “He’s a character.” I replied “Oh you have no idea. But before you say anything more let me say this. I would trust this man with my daughters life any day of the week!” He is a man of that kind of character.

He called me today and I swear it was like we hadn’t lost contact for a couple of years, but more like a few weeks.

My advice to you – Do not wait for tomorrow. You never what it will bring. Call your Paul.

Paul this is for you my friend –

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread


3 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. I too, have had those same questions In my mind over the years – and a few I have searched for on facebook – so far, nada. But, I’ll keep trying when some old friend pops into my mind. Good for you that you found and can now enjoy your friend, Paul, Denise.

  2. d:)
    you can’t know how much you, Derick and Laura have meant to me over the years and i have thought about you from time to time. mainly when i was having a crap day or when i was in a pickle and said to myself what would denise do and the answer was right there, i have had a lot of acquaintances over the years and a fewer people i called friends and even fewer i called family but you, from the day i met you, i considered you SISTER.
    i have not met anyone that can hold a candle to you, i do know that in the billions and trillions of stars in the sky you would still stand out as a beacon to guide us all on our way home. me,joy and the kids all want you to know we love you.
    oh and on a smaller note denise intruduced me to south park
    my pot pie kitty!!!!!

  3. So glad you found your Paul. I wasn’t or haven’t been as fortunate. As I read your post I thought of my long lost BFF and where she could be now. I’ll have to try again but am running out of ideas. Happy for you though!!! Friends are important and not easy to come by.

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