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Hi! I’m Denise Fennell and hubby is Derek. We’ve decided to retire and relocate to the big Northwest in the beautiful state of Oregon. Having come from a big city this is a huge adventure. We went from a moderate home near a busy street, small yard and no place to stretch out to 7.5 acres, with a lake and creek and wild life that doesn’t shoot at you, graffiti your wall or beg for money. Such a nice treat. Did I mention how quiet it is? Ah..hear that, it’s the sigh of contentment.


19 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thanks for your visit to my blog! I wanted to drop by and invite you to join in Project O which is a look into how opinions are formed around the world. If this interests you and if you have a social issue you might want to share with people, please consider joining! The post can be found at the top of my blog under Project O – The Original Project Idea and the template is the post next to it. Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog! -OM

  2. Denise, Just wanted to say that I learned so much about humility from you on project O. I couldn’t figure out how to reply to a reply, and wanted to be certain to communicate back that I learned from you, I respect you, and I am in awe of your vulnerability and openness.

    I have found much inner peace, but am now seeking to find the environmental peace you seem to have found in your new place. I’ll be moving by the end of the year, and am seeking a peaceful haven take in the breath of life and creation.

    I wish you all the blessings God gives to you and your hubby. BTW, your blog is positively delicious!

  3. Denise thanks for taking part in Project O! I appreciate your bravery and conviction in holding onto your opinions, but also your openess in interacting with others through your comments. Thanks again for participating and I hope the project has provided what you thought it would! -OM

  4. Hi Denise, You have a wonderful Blog. I ended up here as I am also considering a greenhouse as a gift for my wife. We live in North Bend, OR so almost directly West of you on the coast. I too have corresponded with Michael who has nudged me in a direction that I would not have gone had I not listed to his reasons. How did you decide on a size/model? I am torn. Our garden is modest, but partly because our growing season is so short, perhaps even shorter than yours. Any advice? Thanks

    • Hi Bob! Thank you for visiting my blog. I researched for over a year. My initial plan was to do the 8X8 being as it’s just my husband and I. But knowing what I know about plants, which isn’t much, I do not they take up a lot more room than expected, not to mention the size of containers. The 12X8 offered the size I felt would let me grow a modest garden and have room to expand if I so wanted. I also like the fact it has a cap between the first 8 feet and last 4 feet which is good for bigger plants or a small tree. I am putting in a small sink station on one side and I think I a miniature tree on the other. My garden is not heated, so I will be wintering my plants during that time. I think you’ll love standing in it and realizing it has a lot of potential. Please feel free to email me if you have more questions!!

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