It’s Baby Calf!





Today had a wonderful surprise. As I was sitting in our living room looking out over the reservoir and the field next door, I noticed a cow that was acting peculiar. Then she turned where I could see her profile and I knew something was up.  She had a large sack that was protruding from the rear. It looked like a giant water balloon.

Now I do ask forgiveness if my descriptions are graphic or the words I use to describe them are inaccurate as I am a old city gal who has never experienced this before. I also document more than needed for my own reference so I can remember the details of this wonderful event.

She was pacing around and kept looking back her to hind quarters. Then she laid down and assumed a position that looked like the way a cat would lay before it pounces on her prey. This would last about 3-5 minutes before she would heave herself up take a few steps and attempt to follow her instincts and graze. But she could only take a couple of steps before she had to lay down again and repeat the process. This pattern went on for an hour. Then she went off to lay down and I could see her sides heaving. After about 15 minutes there, I saw them, the front two hooves. It was happening!! The baby was coming. Up and down she went for the next 30-45 minutes. Holy cow it’s a nose..a nose folks that means this little thing is going to arrive soon. I am GLUED to my binoculars and my chair. I will see this to completion.

She wanders into a brush area and the one cow that’s been laying next to her all calm and composed simply watches her and stands up and moves up a bit and lays down again near her. Then another female comes over and starts checking out what’s going in the rear area. The new mother kicks at her and she backs up. But she continues to try and get close, even licking the baby’s hooves clean. New mom kicks at her again and she backs away.  Next thing I see is the entire herd suddenly running full board towards the new mom. They must know it’s getting close. They surround her in a ‘bovine wall’ even the other 2 young calves that were born (Norman and Sarah, yep I named them and not clue if they are male and female respectively) were curious. After about 5 minutes they all wandered off but the original cow that was calm and peaceful and the other cow that was all up in her business.  15 minutes later…da da ta ta! We have a new little calf, who I have named Katydid.

But then the soap opera started! All the other cows came to see the new calf. They all do a meet a greet and wander away, except the cow that was so up in her business. She remained and became very pushy. I actually wanted to hop the fence and shoo her off. She kept putting herself between the new mother and calf. The new mother head butts her. But the other cow is persistent and keeps maneuvering herself to put her rear up to the baby calf. What I don’t know is, if she’s currently pregnant and is developing her udders for nursing and reacting the hormones released or isn’t pregnant but wants this calf for herself.

It’s dark now so I cannot see what is developing. I hope to see in the morning the new mother and calf bonding together and her successfully nursing. The picture below is very soon after the birth and before all the other cows came to investigate. Man living out here is so incredibly enriching!

Baby Cow