Burger Project – Get the passport!

Ok tried a new burger tonight. Let me just say – Winner Winner Chicken..er..Burger Dinner.

This was a fun burger to work on. It’s called the 3 Continent Burger because we have meats from 2 continents and the condiment is from Asia. Let’s begin. Of course we started with a pound of grass fed Oregon Beef. But to that we added 6 ounces of Linguiça which is a Portuguese sausage.

A wonderful sausage - Linguiça

A wonderful sausage – Linguiça

This sausage comes in typical sausage form. I buy them two to a pack and freeze them individually. So when thawed simply remove the skin and cut into 2″ pieces. Put these into your food processor and let that wonderful appliance do all the work. If you don’t have one, shred it on the larger side holes of your grater.

Mix this in with your hamburger, salt/pepper and half a grated onion. That’s it! Leave it alone. Do not be tempted by the garlic or swayed by the fresh herbs. Cover your ears, steal your urges and make the patties. I made five 4.4 ounce patties. Now I know what some of you might be thinking, why not just 4 really good and thick burgers? Well because, burgers should be thin. The ratio of bun, veggies and condiments must be balanced. Anyone who tells you they love a big thick burger is in denial. What they are really saying is – “Man I wish I had a thick steak right now, but all I got was this burger” and so they are over compensating.

Time to make the sauce while the burgers come to room temp. (Why? well because this way when they hit the grill they won’t seize up on you and become those hard hockey pucks with the big bubble arch in the middle) The sauce is our 3rd continent – Asia. This is a combination of ketchup (ok so not from Asia), sweet red chili sauce and hot chili paste with garlic. I needed something sweet, with a slight tang to go with the spice of the sausage.

Not so secret ingredients.

Not so secret ingredients.

The second flavor, which is more subtle, but I think of as a pantry staple is garlic oil. You simply must make a batch of this. It takes all of 10 minutes to make and is great for any recipe when you reach for olive oil. Instead reach for this! The small batch is 1 cup of olive oil, 6 cloves of garlic skins removed. Put the cloves in the olive oil and put on the stove over medium heat. Let this simmer till the garlic is a golden brown but don’t let it burn. You may have to turn the heat down once the olive oil comes up to temp.  Then remove from the heat and let cool completely. The garlic is great on baguettes or a bagel with Prosciutto. Remove the garlic, when oil is cool, and store the oil in a container in the refrigerator for up to a month. Take a pastry brush and oil the hamburger buns and grill them while the burgers are resting for a nice toast.

Pantry Staple

Pantry Staple

Who doesn't love toasted buns?

Who doesn’t love toasted buns?

And once assembled you have a burger that makes perfect sense. The reason why the grill was invented.

3 Continents - loads of flavor!

3 Continents – loads of flavor!

3 Continent Burger

1 lb hamburger
6 oz Linguiça ground
1/2 half medium size onion shredded
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper


1/4 c ketchup
3 Tbs sweet chili sauce
1 tsp hot chili sauce with garlic

Mix all the burger ingredients together and form 5 patties. Let rest while you make the sauce.  Grill burgers over Med-Low heat for about 10-12 minutes. Pull and let rest while you grill the buns.

Assemble and get your passport ready.